Dad Saves $1.83 After Waiting 45 Minutes In Costco Gas Line

Photo by bruce mars on

NORWALK, CA – After what could’ve been roughly two relaxing episodes of The Ranch or some real quality time with his 4 year old daughter, local father of 3 Dean Schnatter was more than ecstatic after saving almost $2 in just under an hour filling up the roughly 14 gallon gas tank on his late model Toyota Camry at the Costco gas pumps this afternoon.

“A penny saved is a penny earned. And boy did I save some pennies today,” stated the frequent Daily Fantasy Sports gambler. “It’s important to save anywhere you can. In case my kids go to college or something.” He noted between slurps from his $5 iced Starbucks coffee.

“Gas is where they get you. Those other stations are a suckers bet. Who’s gonna pay $3.76 a gallon at that Chevron across the street when there’s gas over here for $3.68? I saved almost two bucks today – if you round up.” He beamed. “I fill up twice a month. That’s $4 a month. Multiply that over a year and, well, you do the math.”

Schnatter plans to use put his savings towards the rental of a Red Box movie and a Lotto scratcher to share with his wife.

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