Are We Really Still Arguing Over Abortion?

Jazzlyn Garcia – 8 years old

Jeeeeeezzzzz– I remember 4 years ago when I was only 4, and I couldn’t even do the monkey bars yet, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were talking about abortion and I was like “This seems like a non-issue.” But, lo and behold! Here we are again, four years later, still talking about abortion. Come on! I thought we settled this!

Are abortions happening at the kind of scale that would justify the level to which we talk about abortion? I don’t know. I’m only 8. I don’t get looped into the abortion talk all that much. But it feels like I hear about it in passing a LOT. I mean, if you turn on the Democratic debates it kinda feels like we live in a half Spanish-speaking country of transgender people who all need abortions. Are these the pressing needs of society? Is this why that Hillary lady lost to the funny orange man? Because there aren’t enough abortions or places for transfolk to go potty?

My thoughts on abortion vary from day to day. One day I might think Didn’t Obamacare make abortion obsolete when it made birth control free? Shouldn’t we be arguing a little more about personal responsibility and protecting your body yourself? Isn’t getting pregnant these days just as much of a choice as terminating said pregnancy?

Then the next day I’m like Why does the Christian religion think they own the monopoly on morality? Why would anybody want to have a baby in Alabama while they’re ranked 50th in education, ? Why are there people preventing abortions for poor people when those very same poor people just grow up to fill our already overcrowded, expensive prisons – costing us way more than the $500 abortion? And, if it’s just about no more dead babies, who kills more babies than God? There are way more miscarriages than abortions. God is killing babies all the time whether the mother wants it to happen or not. Maybe we should outlaw God?

So I’m kinda all over the place. It’s like when you ask what milkshake I want. Chocolate! Obviously. Unless they have Strawberry. Oh no! Eenie-meenie-minie…. You get it.

I understand there are cases with extenuating circumstances. Duh. I’m not a 3 year old like my dumb brother. Some women need to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason they feel is important – the life of the mother, the health of the mother, the health of the social life of the mother. All solid enough reasons, if you ask me.

Although I don’t know why you would ask me. This hypothetical pregnancy has nothing to do with me. Abortion has been legal since the 1960s. States have the right to choose how they legislate those rights. Women have the right to move and travel freely between the states to get their abortion, their way, like Burger King. Not everybody can afford that, but not everybody can afford a BMW. Sometimes people will have to deal with bad hands in life and there’s nothing any politician can or should do and that’s just life. I know I’m only in third grade, but stop me when I’m wrong.

It just seems like there are too many ways for women to terminate their pregnancies if that’s what they want that maybe we can move on to talking about what water will be drinkable for me when I’m an adult. Or how to do math as well as the kids in India who are years younger than me. Or whether I should learn Russian or Mandarin if I want to compete in a world where the greatest State Power on the planet spends half its time arguing over whether incest-created life is still life or which week a fetus is viable – neither of which matters to me seeing as how my dad does not sleep with me and birth control is free and readily available to me. What I do know is, I’m watching Octonauts, you guys let me know when you have it sorted out so I never have to hear about it again.

Also, is having a kid that bad? Do we really have to talk about pregnancy as if it’s this life-ruining event? People have been doing it forever. Rich people have kids. Poor people have kids. Some of those kids are easy. Some of those kids are hard. Even the rich parents have hard, expensive kids sometimes. There’s never a perfect time for anything. And yet, the world continues to turn. The species carries on. Maybe we can stop treating pregnancy like cancer? People figure things out. Abortion, adoption, leave it at the fire station, whatever. Ten adults on TV all yelling over each other on how much more pro-choice they are than the other pro-choice person standing next to them seems like a waste of time, though? Maybe? Again, I’m young so maybe there’s something I just don’t see.

I mean, maybe if we lived in a country where kids weren’t murdered at their school desks, less moms would want to kill their babies, but it doesn’t look like THAT problem’s getting solved anytime soon. It’s like my dad who keeps saying he’s going to clean the garage! Haha. Why does my mom even bother to bring it up anymore?

Oh! There’s a new Octonauts episode starting. So I’m gonna stop talking about abortion now. Hopefully, forever.


Jazzlynn – Mrs. Smith, Room 5

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